7 Best Home Remedies To Treat Piles Effectively

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I don’t blame him for being scared.

Who wouldn’t?

Okey had just been told he might likely undergo surgery to remove his bloody and highly protruding piles through surgery.

He wasn’t concerned about the surgery cost.

Problem is …one of his close friends had the same piles/hemorrhoid surgery removal done about three years ago in India.

All seemed well for the friend …for a while.

After about 2 years or so, the hemorrhoids returned again…this time with more force than usual!

It got so bad for this friend that he couldn’t even push it in after using the toilet anymore!

The surrounding skin had become weak and a bit inelastic after the surgery …another surgery is needed for correction.

Naturally, this friend is scared and doesn’t want to have his anus operated upon a second time so he now walks somewhat funny and is presently living in serious discomfort!

Now you understand Okey’s fear!

What Exactly Are Piles?

Put simply, Piles are swelling or swollen hemorrhoids that occur inside and around the anus, and along the anal canal.

Hemorrhoids are masses, clumps, cushions of tissue full of blood vessels which support the tissue, muscle and elastic fibers in the anal canal.

When the hemorrhoids guarding the anal passage become too big due to inflammation, the vein walls stretch, thin and gets irritated while passing the bowel movements. This is when piles develop. They become a problem when hemorrhoids start become itchy, cause pain or bleed.

Piles Are Generally Caused Due To:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • During pregnancy
  • Diet lacking in fiber
  • Lifting heavy weights
  • Straining while passing stool
  • Genetics

The good news is there are several effective home remedies and lifestyle changes that help deal with hemorrhoids.

Here Are The 5 Best Home Remedies For Piles:

  1. Sitz Baths

Generally, experts recommend people with painful hemorrhoids sit in warm water for 15 minutes, several times a day — especially after a bowel movement.

Doctor’s advice: Yes, this is one of the best treatments. A sitz bath is generally available at a local pharmacy; this small bowl fits right over your toilet and offers a convenient way to soak and soothe the area.

  1. Coconut oil

Everyone knows the several health benefits that the coconut oil offers. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer, which may also help with hemorrhoid symptoms. Applying coconut oil may reduce the irritation and swelling, and it may also help reduce the urge to scratch.

  1. Fiber-rich diet

Diets high in fiber are very important for digestive health, especially when it comes to bowel movements. Fiber can absorb water, which helps to both soften the stool and give it more body. This makes it easier to pass. Include lots of fruits, legumes, whole grains and vegetables in your diet. Also, try avoiding processed and junk food.

  1. Fluids

Drinking plenty of liquid throughout the day will help keep the stool soft and manageable as it works its way through the intestines. The result is a much softer stool that takes less energy to pass and causes less irritation to the hemorrhoids. You should drink plenty of water all day long or other drinks like lime water or coconut water that soothes your stomach and are good for digestion.


  1. Ice Packs

Ice packs can be an effective home remedy if you have piles. Applying ice or cold packs to the hemorrhoid may also be helpful in relieving pain and inflammation. You can put a small cold pack on the spot which is troublesome several times a day. It can help relieve you of pain and bring down the swelling for a little time.

         6.  Aloe vera

The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera may help soothe inflammation of hemorrhoids. Although research isn’t available for its use for hemorrhoids specifically, it has shown some benefit for other inflammatory skin conditions.

  1. Epsom salts and glycerin

This less-known home treatment can help painful hemorrhoids. Use these simple ingredients to make a compound that you apply directly to the inflamed area:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of Epsom salts with 2 tablespoons of glycerin
  • Apply the mixture to a gauze pad and place it on the painful area
  • Leave this application on the area for 15-20 minutes
  • Repeat every four to six hours until the pain eases

There you have it – 7 best home remedies to get rid of piles.

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