Arthritis Treatment Kit

Arthritis Can Be Reversed Naturally With Ancient Taoist Formula!

See How My Mum Got Rid Of Her Chronic Arthritis With Ancient Taoist Formula…Plus Get The Full Recipe For Your POTENT Home Made Arthritis Joint Pain Relief Oil!

20 days treatment: Regular Price = 25,000. Promo Price: N17,500

2 month treatments: Regular Price = N54,000. Promo Price N29,500

​Shipping Fee is FREE & Payment is on Delivery!

Back To My Mum:

It started as a sprain.

My mum in her late sixties is so stubborn that she insists on running her shop business (she has eight grown kids and we do our best to keep her super-comfortable!).

Anyway, while trying to lock up her shop for the day (her sales boy left early), she tripped, fell and “sprained” her ankle.

Honestly I thought she was exaggerating the pain and only wanted our attention.

First she complained of ankle pain.

Then it became a sore knee…and then the pain got worse.

Then Came The Search…

She had every checkup and x-ray and nothing was broken…but my agile, super-active mum was in excruciating knee joint pain.

Months went by and the pain continued.

Things got so bad that she actually had to start using a walking stick as support!

Believe me – we tried everything!

You name it. Pain killers. Popular brand supplements (heck; super-expensive too!). Prescribed drugs. Over-the-counter drugs. Herbal remedies. Homeopathic massage.

You know how it is…some of these worked for a while and then stopped working.

Others were just a waste of good money…

In fact, things got so bad that she became afraid to sleep at night…dreading the night pains and the early morning stiffness and very painful sensations!

Her thriving business was neglected 

Her personal life came to a grinding halt

That was when i realized that when Arthritis hits you, life becomes miserable!

The pain alone will make you feel unimaginable agony. And you may have to give up every activity that gives you joy…yes, arthritis can be that painful and relentless!  

And Then Came The Solution

I actually stumbled on this…

An old acquaintance of mine sent me a product image. According to him that product was the only thing that worked well for his mum and much older sister’s arthritis.

He got the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) product in a TCM pharmaceutical herbal store while on a business trip to China. He tried getting some more (so his mum could complete the recommended therapy) but couldn’t locate the store the next time he traveled.

I was desperate for results…if it worked for his mum and sister; it should for my mum too right?

So I swung into action.

Because we’d tried everything, i was really skeptical.

I didn’t just want to raise my mom’s hope for nothing

So, on my next trip to china, i went with the product package determined to find the source….and that was how i met Dr Ho….a Traditional Pain Relief Therapist who uses ancient Taoist formula to eliminate the root cause of arthritis inflammation.

Getting an appointment with Dr. Ho is very expensive and i even had to shift my departure date forward just to meet him.

After explaining my mom’s symptoms to him, he prescribed exactly same solution my friend introduced earlier.

 Dr. Ho did something extra for me: – He taught me how to prepare my own POTENT herbal oil for therapeutic massage (read on and i will give you the EXACT same formula Dr. Ho gave me to prepare my massage oil…so you can make your own oil at home!)

Long story cut short, it’s been 9 months since my mum completed her recommended therapy.

No Pills. No Pain. No Swelling.  No Stiffness. No Night Chills. No Relapse and most importantly…no more Walking Stick!

The Arthritis Treatment Kit Is Made Up Of 2 POWERFUL arthritis reversal and chronic pain reversal products which get rid of joint inflammation and  flush away all the pain-causing toxins from your body without any side effects.

No1: The Rapid Healing Arthritis Tea

The POWERFUL Rapid Relief Arthritis Tea is really is super-effective and made from 100% herbal ingredients such as Ormosia, Licorice, Coix Seed, Bean Barley, Witloof and yam Rhizome, all of which are not only potent, but helps to detoxify YOUR body system, and takes away the pain caused by Arthritis.

What’s So Special About This Tea? …Dr Ho explained that the Tea contains so many secret herbal contents which can be found at the root of the popular Mount Himalaya. These rare ingredients help in tissue repair and heals the cartilage and bone damage caused by arthritis.

The second product in this kit is…

  No. #2  “LONG-LASTING Pain Relief Patch!”


This LONG-LASTING pain relief patch works hand in hand with the tea. The tea DETOXIFIES your INTERNAL system of toxins and inflammations while this amazing patch gives you a Sharp deep penetrating soothing relief on the areas affected by arthritis for a FASTER relief of your pains!

Dr Ho. explained that this patch is made of “capiscum extract” and other deep penetrating ingredients which makes it powerfully effective.

It gives you an INSTANT  and LONG-LASTING relief from body pains when used along with the Tea.

How Does it Work? 

Using the Instant Pain Relief Patch is very easy.

Simply remove the seal. Bring out one wide patch out of the pack and paste it on the affected area and watch your pain dissapear in less than 20 mins! These two amazing pain crushing products make up the “Arthritis Treatment Kit”

And guess what?

You can’t find this same EXACT kit anywhere else in NIGERIA!

After my mum got amazing results using this Arthritis Treatment Kit for, we decided to sell to other people…everyone has been getting excellent results.

Here’s what they have to say about the kit.


Think about it…

  • Imagine having no more joint and body pains
  • Imagine No MORE waking up in excruciating body and joint pains
  • Imagine No MORE feeling helpless
  • And once again living your your life to the fullest without limitations!

​If this sounds like what you want, then get the 2-in-1 Herbal Arthritis Treatment Kit before it runs out.

It’s time to get rid of the pain forever!

It’s time to heal your damaged joints so you can return to that happy pain-free person you were before.

Here’s What You Will Get if you place an order today.

1. Free Shipping (Value: N5,000)!

 I Will ship the kit to you which will contain 1 Pack of The Rapid Healing Arthritis Tea & TWO packs of the LONG-LASTING Pain Relief Patch N17,,500!

2. Learn The exact SECRET Pain Relief Oil Massage Dr Ho Taught Me (This is just like travelling to China yourself! Value: Priceless!)

3. Lifetime Access to My Dedicated Customer Care Agent: (Value: N70,000)

 We will have a Dedicated Customer Care Agent Who Knows So much About Getting Rid of Arthritis & Body Pains to help you every step of the way.

Usually, it costs an average of 30,000 to get a consulting service such as this. But you’ll be getting it for free once you buy theArthritis Treatment Kit.

4.  I Will Enroll you into a 4 Week Online Training Titled “Arthritis Reversed” (Value: N49,500).

 Once you get the Arthritis Treatment Kit, I will Enroll you in an online Training that will educate you about how to correct arthritis and body pains and live an arthritis-free life.

The TOTAL VALUE of the “Arthritis Treatment kit plus all the Offer is over N200,000!

But guess what?

You’ll be Paying ONLY N17,500 for our 20-days treatment!!! or N29,500 for our 2 month’s Treatment

Regular Price For 20 Days Treatment = 25,000

​Promo Price: N17,500

Regular Price For 2  Months Treatment: N54,000

N29,500 for 2 month treatment 

​Shipping Fee is FREE & Payment is on Delivery


Use your TCM Rapid Healing Arthritis herbal tea consistently for 90 days. If after 90 days of consistent use and you do not completely eliminate ALL pain and reverse every arthritis symptom I WILL REFUND ALL YOUR MONEY BACK TO YOU…that is how sure I am of this amazing TCM remedy!

No one else will give you such assurance…but you’ve got to hurry now because available stock is only about 40 sets left!

I wish you a Pain-Free & Healthy Life.

Your Friend,  Angela 

For Inquiries,  Call Us On 08023871004



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