Natural Remedy To Completely Eliminate Piles From The Roots…Incredible Results!

How I Got Rid Of Piles Naturally Without Surgery

“This product is magic! All I can say is …Thank you!


Testimonials like these keep coming in every single day!

Would you like to know how you too can finally get rid of really uncomfortable piles forever?

Read on below and I’ll gladly show you the safest, natural and most reliable way to eliminate piles without surgery!

I got my first case of piles during pregnancy with my first child.

Truthfully, it wasn’t painful plus my doctor assured it will disappear after childbirth.

I believed because He’s my doctor after all!

Well…It increased as the months went by.

I worried because my late dad had a severe case of protruding and bleeding hemorrhoids when we were younger.

My doctor was wrong…it didn’t disappear after childbirth!

In fact, I actually think a bit of the protruding hemorrhoids was “mistakenly” sutured alongside the tear I had during childbirth.

Cut long story short…my piles continued and this time, was both painful and bleeding!

What Happened Next?

With each of my pregnancies…it got bigger, more painful and certainly more uncomfortable.

You can imagine how embarrassing it got for me…especially when it’s time to get “intimate with my husband!

I desperately needed a good solution!

I tried orthodox medicine, local herbs, agbo and all sorts, nothing worked.

My doctor kept telling me it will disappear on its own after I’m done with childbirth.

Well,..I had my 4th and last child but still carrying ugly protruding piles about!

What About Surgery?

Good question.

Make no mistake…I can afford surgery conveniently but…

I was scared.

Hubby too was scared.

Who wouldn’t?

Problem is …a close friend of my husband had the same piles/hemorrhoid surgery removal done about three years ago in India.

All seemed well for the friend …for a while.

After about 2 years or so, the hemorrhoids returned again…this time with more force than usual!

I was told that it got so bad for this friend that he couldn’t even push it in after using the toilet anymore!

The surrounding skin had become weak and a bit inelastic after the surgery …another surgery is needed for correction.

Naturally, this friend is scared and doesn’t want to have his anus operated upon a second time so he now walks somewhat funny and is presently living in serious discomfort!

An Isolated Occurrence?


A close female nurse also told me how her sister has had two surgeries 2 years apart in her anus! Haba!

Now you understand our fear!

What I Did?

As a practicing Chemist with counterparts in China…I “swallowed” shame and opened up to a fellow Chemist in a Traditional Chinese Medicine pharmaceutical company.

Ms. Wei chuckled …and then recommended a solution that took care of my 10 years long struggle with piles.

Guess What?

  • I started getting relief immediately with the herbal ointment.
  • By the end of the 1st week, the bleeding completely stopped.
  • By the end of 2 weeks, the piles was visibly reduced in size.
  • The anal protrusion completely healed and disappeared within 2 months of use!

Long story cut short, it’s been 11 months since i completed my recommended therapy.

No More Bleeding. No Pain. No Swelling. No Discomfort, No Relapse and most importantly…No Surgery!

Say GOODBYE To Piles With…

Herbal Pile Removal Tea + Hemorrhoid Dissolving Ointment

For Fast Relief Of:

  • Internal hemorrhoids
  • External hemorrhoid
  • Thrombosed hemorrhoid
  • Bleeding during bowel movement
  • Itching, irritation or tingling in your anus
  • Pain/discomfort in your anal region
  • Sensitive or painful lumps around your anal region.


Amazing Health Benefits Of This POWERFUL Remedy You Need To Know

  • Powerful anti-inflammatory properties…prevents and heals internal and external hemorrhoids
  • Aids in digestion.
  • Natural INSTANT pain relief
  • Relieves swelling and inflammation.
  • Relieves digestion problems, abdominal bloating, constipation and diarrhea
  • Stops bleeding
  • Relieves stomach pain
  • Treats intestinal disorders
  • Soothes and causes INSTANT retraction of the protruding fissure

How Much Will You Pay To ELIMINATE Embarrassing Piles, Live Pain and Stain Free, Prevent A Relapse…PLUS Overall Better Health?

1 MONTH THERAPY: 2 Packs of Herbal Pile Removal Tea + 1 Pack of Piles Dissolving Ointment. N22,000 N18,750 (SAVE N3250 + FREE Shipping Nationwide)


2 MONTHS THERAPY: 4 Packs of Herbal Pile Removal Tea + 2 Packs of Hemorrhoid Dissolving Ointment. N44,000 N29,500 (SAVE N14,500 + FREE Shipping Nationwide)


My EXTRA Special Bonus Just For You!

To help you get the most of this POWERFUL remedy, I give you a DEEP discount for 3 Months supply PLUS 1 Extra pack of Piles Dissolving Ointment as a bonus…ONLY if you order TODAY (Limited quantity available…so this is truly a Limited Time Special Offer)

3 MONTH THERAPY: 6 Packs of Herbal Pile Removal Tea + 4 Packs of Hemorrhoid Dissolving Ointment. N66,000 N44,000 (SAVE N20,000 + FREE Shipping Nationwide)

The Piles Treatment Kit contains two powerful hemorrhoids healing products that contains herbal qualities which get rid of pile inflammation from the very roots and  flush away all the excess toxins from your system without any side effects.

No1: The Herbal Piles Removal Tea

 The POWERFUL Herbal Pile Removal Tea is really is super-effective and made from 100% herbal ingredients such as Fructus cannabis, Ormosia, Coix Seed, Lotus leaf, Wax Gourd, Malt, Bunge Cherry seed, all of which are not only potent, but helps to detoxify YOUR body system, and takes away all forms of infected hemorrhoids from your system. ​    

And The Best Of All?

All You Need is a Hot Cup of The Pile Removal Tea, and it starts working immediately!

If you have been suffering from chronic piles and anal fissure pains which feels like it wants to take the joy out of living, all you need to do is to take a sip of this amazing tea…and watch ALL your pains, protusion, bleeding and discomfort FADE away, and FAST too…I’ve seen it work severally…JUST LIKE MAGIC!

The second product in this kit is…

  No. #2  “100% Herbal Hemorrhoid Dissolving Ointment!”

Ms. Wei explained that this ointment is made of deep penetrating herbal extracts and other ingredients which makes it powerfully effective.

It gives you an INSTANT  and LONG-LASTING relief from hemorrhoids when used along with the Tea.

1 month treatment: Regular Price = 22,000. Promo Price: N18,750

2 month treatments: Regular Price = N44,000. Promo Price N29,500

3 months treatment: Regular Price = N66,000. Promo Price N44,000

​Shipping Fee is FREE & Payment is on Delivery!

But Here’s the Thing…

Authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is not mass produced and we have only Limited Quantity Available!

Act Fast! Your Discount Offer Expires In Exactly 48 Hours!















Quantity Truly Limited …And First Come, First Served! So Order Now!

No More Bleeding. No Pain. No Swelling. No Discomfort, No Relapse and most importantly…No Surgery!


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