How To Sleep Soundly At Night Without Dangerous Drugs

Constant lack of sleep is a “Silent Killer”

Do you know constant lack of sleep is a major cause of High Blood Pressure, Hypertension, High Blood Sugar, Stroke and even Nervous Breakdown?



  • You have trouble sleeping at night.
  • You wake up in the middle of sleep…and can’t fall asleep anymore.
  • You wake up too early in the morning…even when you know you need to sleep some more.
  • Your eyes are bloodshot red and feel strained and a bit blurred.
  • You managed to sleep…but you don’t feel rested at all.
  • Your heartbeat often beats faster than usual.
  • You feel tired and energy-sapped even after waking up.
  • You feel groggy and tired during the day for no reason.
  • You are highly irritable and anxious.
  • You make frequent and avoidable mistakes.
  • You experience periodic lack of concentration or focus.
  • And the most important question of all: do you have regular spikes of increase in your blood pressure level?…Have you even checked your BP in recent times?

I could go on and on…but the truth is sleeplessness is bad for your health.

(Sleeping restfully has become a major issue especially in today’s Nigeria – God Help Us All!).



Are you one one of the people who think sleep deprivation means nothing?

If only more people would understand the dangers of lack of sleep!

So many health and mental disorders occur as a result of lack of sleep. I’m sure you’re aware of these complications but, just for emphasis.

Look at this image below from Sleep Health Council UK:

natural treatment for sleep nigeria


This image alone speaks volumes!

Sleep disorders and chronic sleep loss can put you at risk for:

  • Heart disease
  • Heart attack
  • Heart failure
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Low sex drive
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Ages your skin
  • Outright insanity!
  • Premature death

Sleep deprivation is something you shouldn’t overlook.

It’s an ABSOLUTE disaster waiting to happen to your body!

As humans, we tend to take sleep issues for granted.

The big problem with this, is eventually, when sleeplessness cause health issues such as high blood pressure, high sugar level, heart diseases, stroke  etc, we begin to look for treatment.

Alas! Sometimes, it’s just too late for correction.

And the only way to maintain our health would be to pump ourselves full with drugs…which by the way causes more damage to your internal organs making you need more drugs!

Before you know it, a dangerous cycle begins!

It’s an unfortunate irony.

I am sorry to say this, but our doctors are a big part of the problem.

Rather than inquiring and possibly addressing the root cause … they start treating only the symptoms and pumping us with chemical drugs with many side-effects!

According to medical estimates, 90% of people with Insomnia (The medical term for sleeplessness) — a sleep disorder that makes it difficult to fall and stay asleep — also have another health condition.


Terrible Sleeping Pills Side-Effects NO ONE DARES TELL YOU!

Recent medical research has shown that these sleeping pill effects are only just the tip of the iceberg.

A huge 2012 study* from the British Medical Journal found that:

  • You’re four times more likely to die if you take sleeping pills twice a month in the next two and a half years
  • You’re 6 times more likely to die by taking high doses of the popular sleeping pills temazepam and zolpidem. Zopiclone is expected to be just as bad (prescribed 5.3 million times in England alone in 2010)
  • Your risk of cancer increases by 35% if you take more than 132 sleeping pills a year

It estimates that sleeping pills are responsible for 320,000 to 507,000 deaths in the US alone.

But wait, there’s more…

A 20 year study* by Harvard University and the University of Bordeaux in France found that benzodiazepine sleeping pills increase risk of developing dementia in the next 15 years by a huge 50%.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, new research* published in 2014 found that if you take benzodiazepines for three months, you’re 50% more likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 5 years later.

The data on sleeping pills danger or even insomnia itself is …worrisome!?!



In my late twenties, I had a severe acute case of insomnia. Dangers of lack of sleep nigeria treatment

I had just put to bed my third child barely 2 months earlier…and suddenly I couldn’t sleep.

It was strange.

Doctors put me on sleeping pills… (by the way, he never inquired why I was unable to sleep. Not even once!)

Sometimes the sleeping pills worked OK and other times it simply did nothing for me.

I still wasn’t able to sleep.

To get the pills to work, I had to take more and more of it…I knew it was risky but I badly needed to sleep.

My blood pressure shot through the roof.

I felt tired, drained and really groggy all day long!

My eyes were strained and felt like it was being tugged at from all sides.

At some point, I was sure I would crash…


I had no choice but to start researching for alternate means to sleep easily all through the night…

I knew that:

  1. If I continue with the pills, I was slowing killing myself!
  2. If I stop the pills, I would go back to complete insomnia and eventually CRASH!

I didn’t want to become a nervous wreck…and I most certainly didn’t want to die young!


Is There A Completely Natural Way To RESTORE Your Normal Sleep Cycle AND At The Same Time Control High Blood Pressure And Other Related Diseases Naturally?

Yes there is.

I discovered a pattern that got me sleeping like a baby again every night.

A simple yet very effective pattern that cured my insomnia completely!

…and I’m willing to share this discovery with you!

Frankly, this is what doctors should do for us, but unfortunately, they don’t.

I have decided to share my DEEP SLEEP SOLUTION tricks and tips with you…because you’re on this page and I KNOW you need it.

As a licensed Chemist, I took a deep dive research from sleep experts, and i discovered:

  • Why you can’t sleep regularly…the root cause of your insomnia PLUS how to fix it!
  • The quick TRICK to falling asleep in 15 minutes or less…every night.
  • The SECRET to eliminate stress and excessive worry before bed…
  • The worst mistakes you make before bed that keeps you awake
  • One vital vitamin your body needs…(Hint: It’s free and 100% natural!)
  • The #1 fruit that triggers your deep sleep mode
  • Hidden diseases that affect your internal sleep clock…discover if you have them PLUS the quick fix you need!
  • How Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses acupressure points to induce really deep sleep…and how YOU too can do same in the comfort of your bed in minutes.

And so much more…all simple steps you can start taking today!

But, obviously, I can’t share these tips on this page.

So, If you’re looking for that Baby-Like deep, restful sleep you deserve.

If you’re looking to avoid all the many complications of sleep deprivation including high blood pressure and premature death…you need to sign up below.


PS: When you sign up, I will take you through a daily step-by step series so you can finally wake up every morning refreshed…all without harmful drugs.

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